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Interview mit Chris Bergstresser, Keynote Speaker an der Award Night 2014

Chris Bergstresser spielt sehr gerne Computerspiele. So weit, so gut: Diese Aussage trifft auf über 40% der Schweizerinnen und Schweizer im Alter zwischen16 und 64 zu. 

Ein wenig definierter wird es, wenn man feststellt: Chris hat in den vergangenen zwanzig Jahren für viele internationale Game-Industry Marken in führenden Positionen gearbeitet. Erfrischend: Die Tatsache dass Chris Bergstesser neben seinen viel zitierten Erfolgen im Aufbau von Produkten und Marken der Game-Industry  ein humorvoller Gamer geblieben ist. Jemand, der weiss, wie es sich anfühlt, mit Freunden zu zocken und über Games zu reden. Er kennt also nicht nur Games selber von «innen und aussen», sondern weiss auch, wie man sie vermarktet. 

Woher wir das wissen? Wir konnten Chris im Vorfeld über Skype sprechen und uns einen eigenen Eindruck gewinnen. 

19 Fragen an Chris 

  • What was your first game? Pong! 1978!
  • Do you actually game? Lots of.. 
  • What do you game? Real Time Strategy, City Building, 1st person shooter, …
  • Which game would you show to an alien? Metal Gear Solid, or to scare them: Silent Hill.
  • Did you ever design a game? .. or at least think of modes, rules, characters, storylines, ? Yes at Sega. Me and a friend thought of some games with names like: «The world of Funkenstein», «Shock at rampage» or «Super drive by 3000»
  • What game should be invented? One that is fun!
  • What game shouldn’t have been invented? I can’t say anything to this… some friends of mine did some of the worst games I ever saw! I love and appreciate them a lot (the friends) – so I don’t want to let them know that way… (laughs)
  • When did you start selling games? I never sold games. I helped with sales strategies. «Dance Dance Revolution» was my first project.
  • What was a misunderstanding or misconception, you still think of? Thinking that I know better… I found out that, in order to succeed, you need to stay student and learn! Always.
  • Do you make a difference between computer-related content and analogue content, when talking to your kid? I encourage my daughter to play board games… to understand games you need to learn about board games
  • Why Switzerland? / Why not Silicon Valley? I first came to Switzerland to be with Miniclips SA. Them I found that Switzerland is full of new talent. It’s time for Switzerland to have a voice in the game market. I think disruption is here, not in the U.S.. Silicon Valley there’s a lot of noise…
  • What do investors expect from you (apart from growth)? Fokus on the work, transparency; what one would expect in every investment.
  • What should young Game-Developers take more into consideration? Never be finished ! Always learn, observe, play games…never stop learning. And again: Never be finished!
  • What is a common misconception regarding the Game industry? That it is a niche kids-business. Games are mass market entertainmemt. 70% of all gamers are over the age of 18.
  • Did you try flappy-birds? Yes I did. Severely addicted for a week. Then I deleted it. Boring.
  • Why do you think it was so successful? Very simple, very addictive. But it doesn’t give a length of life… there is no depth, no change in it.
  • The Best game of all times? «Ages of Empire». «Silent Hill». «Starcraft».
  • The greatest success-story in the Game-Industry of all times? That’s relative. In terms of business I’d say «Mahjong». In terms of content we could speak of some people coming up with new game mechanics.. this would take far too long.
  • Three advices to a young manager in the industry? Always be supportive. Help them find creative solutions. Always be the voice of pragmatism.

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